Claude Delsol


Born storyteller, Claude DELSOL found in the Languedoc of his childhood the source of his inspiration, the magic of words, and the art of speaking with his hands. Hands that complete the sentence, create a universe, that engage the spectators, and invite them to share a moment of pleasure. He has gestures that speak, that invent worlds, and that divert reality. This magician storyteller tirelessly transmits a culture, a tradition, an inexhaustible treasure that he has accumulated day by day through his travels, encounters, childhood memories, and also his readings. Claude DELSOL travels the world, suitcase in hand, head in the stars but both feet firmly on the ground. He defines himself as a bridge-builder, a passerby, a man who collects the stories of the world and devotes his life to this itinerant narrative. Every remark carries weight. Every wink is deliberate.