Adina Popa

Deva, Romania

Storyteller, communication and educational programs specialist at the Hateg Country UNESCO Global Geopark – University of Bucharest. She has loved stories all her life and strongly believes that everything is and has a story. Her belief was strengthened after graduation from the Art of Storytelling Course "Scena, Eu și Ceilalți", but also by participating in the events of "The Storytellers' Circle" and "Noaptea Devoratorilor de Publicitate", organized by AtelieR de Cuvinte. Now, with the joy of stories, she is part of the EduStory team.
For Adina, the story is not just a narrative. The story is an easier way to learn, transmit scientific information to the general public, to unleash the imagination, and see color, whereas many see only shades of gray.